Trail of Fear

The Attractions at Dead Woods Trail of Fear

The Rotting Dead

The Rotting Dead
The Rotting Dead is the first attraction of its kind with an interactive storyline bridging TWO DIFFERENT HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS IN TWO DIFFERENT CITIES!

A mysterious virus is spreading all over the earth and the infection is here...NOW!!

Millions of people have died and there has been un-confirmed reports of a safety zone called "HAVEN" near Luther, OK. The infection has made its way into the heartland and if reports are true "HAVEN" may be the last hope for life as we know it...

Once infected, Rotters seek out the uninfected and attack. Will you survive the journey to Haven without becoming infected?


Strange for Hire Sideshow

Strange for Hire Sideshow features incredible acts of the odd, the beautiful and the bizarre. Right before your very eyes you’ll see sword swallowing, the human blockhead, knife juggling, the death defying climb up ladder of machetes, whips with human targets, the cabinet of death and so much more! There are even moments when the audience becomes the cast and gets to participate, showing these are no feats of imagination, nor illusion, but the real deal.

Featuring the World Famous Coney Island legend Mr. Donny Vomit, sideshow's showgirl sweetheart Miss Frankie Sin (Hollywood, CA), and special guest star the dapper Danny Borneo (Philadelphia, PA).

*This show is appropriate for all ages*

As Seen On: Coney Island's Sideshow by the Seashore, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Oddities, NYink, MTV, VH1, Miami Ink, Mob City, Martha Stewart Weddings, Shindig Festival, Riot Fest, Harrah's Casinos...

The Strange for Hire Sideshow will perform every night we're open starting the second weekend; that's October 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31!

Strange for Hire Sideshow